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1. Shantanu's article

SOURCE:- Business Standard on ICDS

Vimla Devi is also the weakest link in a critical programme, which is underfunded, says Shantanu Gupta in the first of field-data reports, the detailed version of which can be accessed on midweek.

2. Shantanu Gupta/YUVA quoted by TOI


Kiran Sheoran, 27, will spend most of Teachers’ Day trying to get into a school. She’d applied for a guest teacher position in English but in the list issued on August 23, she and many others weren’t allotted schools. “We have been running around since then. The education department corrected the errors it had made but wasn’t allowing us time to fix ours. We spoke to the officials again today and have been told that we’ll be allotted schools by tomorrow,” Kiran says…

3. International youth climate change workshop


ICIMOD and the YUVA Foundation, together with Plant a Tree India, the Asia Pacific Youth Task Force on Rio+20, and SEED, organized a National Youth Forum on Green Solutions in Rishikesh, India 9-11 December. About 40 youth participants from seven mountain states of India – Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Mizoram – attended talks by various mountain experts…

4. Shantanu’s article on Sanitation


In a recent speech, Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh said India is one of the filthiest countries in the world. Despite spending Rs 19,626 crore ($4.3 bn) in last 10 years on the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) programme, a large portion of India’s population still defecates in the open. Shantanu Gupta writes from rural Uttar Pradesh on how an ambitious scheme is floundering because of slow execution and a flawed understanding of social dynamics…

5. Shantanu on innovation communication

SOURCE:-  The Better India

Bundelkhand region is known for its droughts, poverty and demand for a separate statehood. Governance and political structures are weak and not delivering at the grass-root level. Elected and selected representatives seem to make little effort to connect with people. However, an initiative called “Voice of Talbehat” in a local town council in one of the district in Bundelkhand, gives the hope that at least someone is trying to improve things. …

6. Article on RTE and 25% Reservation

SOURCE:-  One India One People

India is making rapid progress in economic development, thus necessitating growing consumption of energy. The country ranks as the world’s seventh largest energy producing country and fifth largest energy consuming country. However, there is a big cost attached to this consumption – an irreversible damage to our environment and ecology apart from exhausting our natural resources…

7. Paper on the critical and detailed comment on “Right to Education” law of India

SOURCE:- Action Aid’s “Right to Education”

Paper on the critical and detailed comment on “Right to Education” law of India in Action Aid’s “right to education” campaign website: in India.pdf