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1. Shantanu's google hangout

SOURCE:-  Session with Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra: This time we are meeting Shantanu Gupta, a 2010 Yatri, founder of Young United Voluntary Action (YUVA) Foundation. YUVA Foundation’s areas of work include skilling youth towards entrepreneurship and in bringing political social awareness in youth in the process of making them active citizens. Shantanu’s also been associated with the Centre for Civil Society, UNICEF and NAANDI among others, he is an adviser for a number of young social entrepreneurs and initiatives, he’s keen about the education and health verticals, his passion lies in policy, governance and advocacy.

2. Shantanu talking on the strategy to bring back out of school children.


School dropout is a mammoth problem in India. As per union HRD minister Kapil Sibbal, 39% of children dropout of school every year in India (India Today, Dec 2009). According to the 2001 AP State census, the dropout rate up to class — VII is 51.29% and up to class — X is 63.66%. This problem is even more acute among girl children, due to various socioeconomic reasons.

3. Shantanu talking on Youth and Politics

SOURCE:- IDearmCareer

Do you have an interest in government and in making things better, either in your local community or on a state or national level?
Our upcoming webinar will connect you with an expert in policies and political campaigns, he can guide you on how to pursue a career in politics.
Why to be just a face in the crowd obeying the policies, be the one to effect these policies!!

4. Shantanu, covered in a Sheren Bhan

SOURCE:- Show on CNBC, TV 18

5. Shiksha ka Savera

Source : Lok Sabha TV