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We at YUVA Foundation have taken a initiative to enhance the aesthetics of our towns, cities, public spaces through large scale wall art initiatives, with art work based on Indian culture and tradition. In this series we have executed couple of successful grand wall art projects on public walls, railway stations, government buildings etc. Our art initiatives got a very enthusiastic reception by corporate, government media and public.

Our Work In Wall Art Activation

Kumbh Art Festival with Prayag Kumbh Pradhikaran

Kumbh Art Festival was the festival of colors, culture and creativity. Rich Indian Vedic history was painted on the walls of Prayagraj Development Authority Building. The theme painted on Indira Bhawan follows history of Vedic India includes * Vedic Science of Yagya *Vedic Science of Music *Vedic Science of Ayurveda *Vedic Science of Yoga *Vedic Science of surgery *Vedic Science of Grammar *Vedic Mathematics *Gurukul:  Guru-Shishya Parampara and other similar themes.

YUVA, joined hands with Prayag Kumbh Pradhikaran to design and execute #KumbhArtFestival with 200+ artists in Prayag on the theme of history of vedic science. All those walls are now used as a walk tour for school children in the area.

Prayag Railway Station Makeover

Allahabad Junction is main railway station of Prayagraj city and platform number 1 is completely transformed. More than 15 crore people are accepted to come in Kumbh and majority of them come via the medium of the train. They will all witness this amazing artwork done on 10 thousand square feet with the help of Bajaj and with coordination with railway authorities, executed by Yuva Foundation. This amazing piece of Art Work on the theme of Yoga, Meditation and Nature has a potential to become a mass movement of beautifying all railway stations, bus stands and other such public places throughout the country. This is basically the beginning of a big wall art movement at railway stations across India.

Indra Bhavan Makeover with Nerolac

Yuva worked closely with Prayag Development Authority and Nerolac to do a complete makeover of the 10 floor Indra Bhavan building, the most iconic building of PrayagRaj. It took as 3 weeks, dozens of professional artists, projectors, hangers, and heavy equipments to complete this one of its kind project in India. Syska installed specially designed lights on the façade of the Indra Bhavan, to add to the beauty of the building.

Ayodhya Art Festival

India is an ancient civilisation and will always remain a fascinating and captivating beauty to the world. With much diversity, one of the things that unites the country as a string of pearls is its colourful and interesting festivals, depicting the varied cultures, religions and regions forming an integral part of its canvas. Ayodhya the holy city, situated in Uttar Pradesh has always been a site of culture and heritage. To augment its cultural image the city witnessed ‘Ayodhya art Festival, 2018’ with the theme ‘Rama and his life’ with focus on seven different episodes of his life, including Bal-Kand, Ayodhya-Kand, Aranya-Kand, Sundar-Kand, Lanka-Kand and Uttara Kand. These thematic components as scripts were showcased on the walls of Ayodhya in the form of Murials depicitng different event of Ramayana.

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YUVA Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the bring happiness and prosperity to the people through economic, political and social freedom.

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